Embarking on a new construction, renovation, or adaptive reuse project for your church or faith-based organization is not just about building walls—it's about creating spaces that inspire and uplift. At Unite - Architecture & Beyond, we take this journey with you, organizing the process into distinct, manageable phases, ensuring that your vision materializes with precision and purpose. Below is a detailed, personal guide to our architectural design phases, tailored just for you.

Phase 1: Pre Design and Initial Consultation

Phase 1: Pre Design and Initial Consultation

Programming and Understanding Your Vision: This foundational phase is all about connecting—getting to know you, your congregation's needs, and your dreams for the space.
  • Client Meetings: We sit down with you to dive deep into what you envision and require from your new space.

  • Site Analysis: Our team assesses the potential of your project site, especially crucial for adaptive reuse projects.

  • Feasibility Studies: We explore the practicality of your plans, ensuring everything is set for a smooth transformation.

  • Establishing Requirements: Together, we outline the specific needs that will guide the entire project.

“Great design begins with an even better story.” – Lorinda Mamo
Phase 2: Schematic Design

Phase 2: Schematic Design

Translating Vision into Initial Concepts: This phase begins the exciting work of turning your dreams into visual realities.
  • Concept Development: Sketching out the first lines of your project, exploring different architectural possibilities.

  • 3D Visualizations: We bring these sketches to life with early 3D models, helping you see and feel the space.

  • Client Review and Feedback:You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback, which we’ll use to refine our designs.

  • Approval of Concept: Once you’re thrilled with the concept, we finalize the schematic design.

“Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.” – Julia Morgan
Phase 3: Design Development

Phase 3: Design Development

Detailing the Design: With your approved concept in hand, we detail every element to ensure perfection in the final build.
  • Selection of Materials: We choose materials that resonate with the spiritual and functional needs of your space.

  • Engineering Coordination: We ensure that all engineering systems perfectly integrate with your aesthetic vision.

  • Detailed Drawings: These drawings refine every aspect of the project, inside and out.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Taking care of all the necessary permits and documentation.

Phase 4: Construction Documentation

Phase 4: Construction Documentation

Creating Detailed Blueprints for Construction: This is where we prepare the final, detailed instructions for building your vision.
  • Construction Drawings: These are the blueprints that guide the construction teams.

  • Technical Specifications: This documentation specifies construction methods, materials, and standards.

  • Contractor Coordination: We ensure contractors fully understand and follow the detailed plans.

  • Permit Acquisition: We handle all the paperwork to start the construction without hitches.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs
Phase 5: Construction Administration

Phase 5: Construction Administration

Guiding the Construction Process:  Our involvement continues to ensure your project is built exactly as planned.
  • Site Visits: We regularly visit the site to monitor progress and ensure compliance with the design.

  • Handling Modifications: Should any issues arise, we’re there to handle adjustments swiftly.

  • Quality Control: Our job is to make sure everything is built to the highest standards.

Phase 6: Post-Construction and Final Handover

Phase 6: Post-Construction and Final Handover

Completion and Delivery of the Project: The grand finale where we ensure everything is perfect and ready for you.
  • Final Inspections: We meticulously inspect each component to guarantee quality and functionality.
  • Resolution of Any Issues: We address any final tweaks needed.
  • Official Handover: The moment we’ve all been waiting for—we officially hand over your new space.
“Spaces should inspire and communities should thrive within them.” – Unite - Architecture & Beyond

At Unite - Architecture & Beyond, every phase is handled with care and passion, ensuring that we not only meet your needs but also inspire and uplift everyone who steps into your new space.